Packaging Capabilities

Chanelle Medical offers a comprehensive range of packaging options suitable for all solid dose, liquid and powder dosage forms all of which offers superior protection to of the product. Our specialist Procurement Team partners with the very best and reputable providers to ensure that we offer safe, efficient and cost effective packaging solutions whatever the size of the batch.


Our on-site design experts offer a wide range of formats ensuring optimal efficiency on the packaging lines.

Our blister packaging equipment are compatible to work with all industry standard presentations such as but not limited to PVC PVC/PVDC, Aclar® as well as cold form Alu/Alu.

As quality is paramount to the service we offer all our automated packaging lines incorporate GMP security/control devices such as pharma codes thereby ensuring that the correct components are contained in each pack, similarly by employing 100% weighing check, the correct quantity per pack is assured. All our packaging lines are in dedicated environmentally controlled areas.

We have the ability to comply with market and legislative requirements such as; Bollini (Italy), Sequential Bar Coding (Belgium), Data Matrix, unit dose blister, perforation and the upcoming requirements on serialisation.

The types of packaging we offer:

  • Containers
  • Blister Packing
  • Strip Packing
  • Automatic Liquid Filling
  • Liquid Filling
  • Tablet Packing

All packaging lines are fully integrated and automated

Chanelle Medical has benefited from sustained investment, which has created an efficient and advanced manufacturing and packaging operation. We are continuing to expand and enhance our facilities with an ongoing investment programme.

Quality Standards

‘Quality is paramount to the success of our business’.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Chanelle Medical offers state-of-the-art facilities and world-class innovation to produce the highest quality medicines at highly competitive prices.