Product Launch

‘Time is of the essence’

We know the importance of launching a product on time and in full.


With the vast experience in our Product Launch, we have managed up to 298 liveries in one product launch, all launching on time on the same day worldwide.

Our enthusiastic dedicated Launch Team are well equipped to ensure your product is available upon patent expiry.

Due to the unpredictable regulatory environment it is imperative to react to changes while still ensuring no delay is imposed on our customer launch date expectations.  All launches are monitored by stringent project plans.  Customers will approve the project plan and it is rigorously policed every week with weekly updates to our customers and regular face – to – face meetings.  Communication and monitoring are key in a successful launch.

Customer Service

Service to our customers is essential... By constantly monitoring our performance using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) we are confident in delivering the best service to all our customers.